Science in School

Children at our school have the opportunity to explore a range of science concepts through enquiry based learning and practical, hands-on experiences. Children investigate, solve problems and ask questions. We strongly encourage enthusiasm and curiosity in order for children to make better sense of the world we live in. There are a number of educational visits and visitors planned every year to enrich our science curriculum.



What has been happening in Science around school?

Explorer Visit to Year 5

The children found out about the science behind mountain formation, safety in mountainous regions and wildlife you may find high up in The Alps.

Year 5 Eco Centre Trip

The weather may have been rather damp, but the children had a fabulous day at the Eco Centre.
Learning about habitats and life cycles in the rugged outdoors was incredible.Year 5 went on a bug hunt, tracked larger species of wildlife, pond dipped (finding some very cool creatures), learned about food webs and how we can help save the planet, as well as building survival shelters. With no running water or electricity, the Eco Centre is a true, natural, outdoor adventure site.