At Kirton Primary, we are trying our best to become more environmentally friendly to have a more positive impact on our planet. Following our children’s incredible effort last year, we were awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag award!

This year, our committee was expanded to feature children from every year group within school.

This year, we started by analysing what the school was doing well and what we can do better. We selected three main areas for which we could make the most improvement over the course of the year. We decided to tackle issues relating to waste, biodiversity, and energy.


To encourage greater recycling and litter disposal, the Eco-Committee hosted a competition to advertise the need to use the bins provided in school.

With almost 200 designs submitted from across school, we couldn’t pick just one winner.

To ensure that all children have access to school uniform, and to prevent the unnecessary waste of existing clothing, we hosted a pre-loved uniform drive: uniform was offered and donated to be taken to new homes.


To educate and show our respect and awe for nature, our school ensured that every child had the opportunity to observe nature at work.

Global Citizenship

To try to make an impact beyond our school, we engaged in a number of wider ethical efforts.

As a school community, we collected an enormous amount of food and necessities to be donated to local charities and foodbanks!

We joined forces with schools in Boston (both UK and USA) to raise awareness for the need for positive environmental change – singing, performing, creating artworks, and filming for the event!

Advice to families

Biodiversity at home

Go wild: If you have a garden, allow a small area to grow 'wild', or leave a patch of fallen leaves - this will give insects and animals places to hide and rest.

Buy seasonal foods – this will help our local farmers and biodiversity, as different things are grown at different times of the year in the UK!

Plant wildflower seeds – just like we did!