100% Attendance Awards

100% Attendance Awards

Term 4

Term 4 had another huge number of children achieving 100% attendance! Well done to all the children that were awarded their 5 Kirts, certificate, trophy and limited edition, branded, LED torch!

For those children that only just missed out, term 5 is underway with a different prize available as a reward (as well as the Kirts, trophy and certificate).

The impact of being in school as much as possible cannot be underestimated and Kirton Primary School is leading the way with its attendance figures compared to the whole of Lincolnshire. A huge thanks for everyone that has made an effort to get more children in school more of the time.

Term 3

Children were clearly motivated to achieve 100% in Term 3 as the awards assemblies had the largest number of winners to date! Nearly 300 children achieved the goal of 100% attendance earning themselves: 5 Kirts, a trophy, a unique, limited edition mug and their personalised certificate.

There were lots of children that only missed out by half or one day but they can still achieve awards for Terms 4, 5 and 6! The special prize for Term 4 is a Kirton Primary School branded torch (and they will still get the 5 Kirts, certificate and trophy).

Well done to all the winners.

Term 2

Term 2 saw another massive number of children achieving 100% attendance which is simply fabulous!

The awards ceremony, at the start of term 3, created lots of smiles across the whole school (pupils, teachers, lunchtime and office staff).

For Term 2, the children received the trophy, the certificate, 5 Kirts and the unique special prize of a Kirton Primary School Teddy Bear Keyring!

Please remember, the competition runs all year so there is still a chance to receive prizes for Terms 3, 4, 5 and 6 (each prize will be different).

Well done to all our winners.

Term 1

Kirton Primary School had its first “100% Attendance Awards” at the very start of Term 2.

The assembly was to celebrate achievements of every pupil (from reception to Year 6) that had achieved the maximum percentage for attendance.

Every winner received a branded water bottle, a trophy, 5 Kirts (to bank or spend in the shop) and a certificate.

Nearly 300 children achieved the award which is fantastic. The children think that even more people will be collecting prizes for Term 2!

Winners for Term 2 will receive an exclusive “Kirton Teddy-Bear Keyring”, 5 Kirts, a certificate and limited edition trophy!