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What to expect in the early years foundation stage

 Please click on the link below for a guide for parents of children from birth to five years old. It will help you find out more about your child’s learning and development in the EYFS.                                      

Early Years Foundation Stage


Online resources to support your child's learning


Please click on the link below for useful websites and apps for families with 3-4 year olds to support with Learning and Development


Home Learning Support Resources





Please click on the link below for useful resources to support with mental health and wellbeing 


Wellbeing and mental health resources for Nursery children



Please click the link below to access ideas, tips and resources from the Government to help support your child's learning.

Hungry Little Minds

Re-Opening Story

Re-Opening Story

BBC: Tiny Happy People

Please click on the link below for a collection of resources, activities and games from the BBC to help your child develop their communication skills


Mixing Colours

Natural Number Work


Selecting Shapes

Bridge Making

More and Less

Football with Beth

Big and Small

Homemade Musical Instruments

Hungry Hen with Beth

Cleaning Animals

Mud mark making

Painting Numbers

Dinosaur Scene activity

Click on the image below for an activity

Dinosaur Roar Story with Mrs Rennie

Dinosaur Roar Story with Mrs Rennie

How to draw a Gingerbread man

Click on the image below for a drawing activity


Throwing into containers with Beth

Mark making with Beth

What is in the box?

Rainbow Snack

Stick Man Story

Water Painting

5 little Ducks

The Gingerbread Man

Baking Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Man: Repeated refrains

Five in the bed

What does a Palaentologist do?

Click on the picture below to find out about Palaentologists

Make a Shape Dinosaur

Click on the image below for a fun dinosaur activity

Introducing Pp

Forming Pp

Story time with Beth: Dear Zoo

Oral Blending

Three bears rap

Five leaves altogether


Making Shakers

Sugar Writing

Making an instrument

Old Bear's Adventure

Dinosaur activities

Click on the egg below for some activities

Click on the footprint below for some activities

Dinosaur Repeat Patterns Activity

Please watch the video and then click on the link below for an activity

Fossil hunting

Click on the picture below for a fossil hunting activity 

All about dinosaurs with Mrs Rennie

Fossils Activity

Clcik on the picture below for a fossil quiz

Exploring ice with Beth

Make your toy some dinner with Beth

Story time with Beth

Build a farm with Beth

Finding Animals with Beth

How to Make Porridge

Favourite Stories with Mrs Rennie: Some Dogs Do

Favourite Stories with Mrs Rennie: Someone Bigger

Shape Riddles

Click on the shapes below and see if you can solve the shape riddles

Counting Challenge

Click on the numbers below to try the counting activity

Days of the week with Mrs Rennie






Kim's game with Emma

Lucy's Den

Balancing with Natalie

Sorting objects and colours with Monika

Sorting Sounds

Click on the image below for a sound sorting challenge

Matching Socks Game

Throw and catch!

Counting DInosaurs

Click on the image below for a fun dinosaur counting activity

The Dinosaur has lost his spikes!

Click on the image below to access a fun dinosaur activity.

How Many Spots on the Dinosaur?

Please click on the link below for a fun activity

Baking with Miss West

Click on the video below to make some delicious treats with Miss West.

Goldilocks story


Goldilocks Song

Goldilocks with Jenny









Guidance to your Child's Development and Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

In this booklet from 4Children (supported by the Department for Education), your child’ s first five years are divided up into six age bands to highlight what you might notice your child doing at these points.

Please click here for What to Expect, When? A guide to development and learning.

Please remember: every child is different! Children do not grow and develop at the same rate. After each age band there are some ideas and tips as to how you can help your child’s learning and development.


For advice, information, recipes and tips please visit the NHS Eatwell Guide.